OFF THE STREETS works to get members of the homeless community out of shelters and OFF THE STREETS by helping them move into housing. With the right support, these transitions can happen as quickly as one or two days. OFF THE STREETS provides homeless persons with:

  • Moral and spiritual support and encouragement to help them believe they can escape the trap of homelessness
  • Security deposits
  • Furniture and household items

We are a 100% volunteer organization and have no paid staff. We take no government funding and have virtually no overhead costs. All money, furniture, and other living needs are donated.

As of December 2014, OFF THE STREETS has taken 561 people Off the Streets into housing, including 253 during 2014!!

Currently we have four chapters of Off The Streets.   You can use our model to start a chapter in your community!!

How Can I Learn More?

Help the Homeless OFF THE STREETS One Person at a Time is our very own publication. It addresses the issues of homelessness as well as the history of our organization, and shows how you can start a chapter of OFF THE STREETS in your community. 100% of the royalties from the book are used to pay security deposits for individuals and families coming OFF THE STREETS.

Share the book through social media and get 10% off today. Click Here to Order Now!

Click below for Crossroads Magazine feature on Off The Streets.

Below are some other videos to raise awareness about homelessness:

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