Getting the homeless off the streets in
Bridgeport, Fairfield, & Trumbull!Off the Streets BFT

 Off The Streets BFT serves the homeless & at-risk-of-becoming-homeless in Connecticut.  OTS provides much-needed security deposits & simple household basics (furnishings & necessities) for eligible candidates that gets them off the streets and into a permanent home.

OTS BFT works with the local social service agencies to help the homeless who have monthly income (job, disability, public assistance, etc.).  After determining eligibility for our services candidates find an appropriately priced rental that fits their budget and OTS pays the security deposit directly to the landlord. After the candidate is moved-in, we deliver the essential household goods and furniture they need to get a new start in life. All of this is possible due to the incredible generosity of our donors.

Off The Streets BFT Principles:

Compassion + Personal Responsibility:

OTS helps the homeless with a compassionate hand up.  Our approach requires the candidates we help to accept most of the responsibility for getting off the streets.  They must find their own rental. They must have income to pay rent on an ongoing basis. We assist with encouragement and guidance, but they do the work.

100% Volunteer & Minimal Overhead Expenses:

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity with an all-volunteer team. That means no paid staff, no office building, and no equipment or vehicles.  Our only expense that isn’t directly related to client services is mandatory insurance and fundraising expenses (postage, printing, etc.) to ensure we can continue our mission. That means most of your donations go directly toward helping the homeless get off the street.

100% Private Funding:

OTS accepts no government funding. All donations come from private individuals and organizations, providing us the ability to operate efficiently, quickly, and with no regulatory restrictions or “red tape.” Beyond giving financially, you can also contribute to our mission in other ways such as donating household goods or simply spreading the word about us

Fiscal Discipline:

We must be confident that the candidate has the ability to pay rent in future months. To do otherwise would be an irresponsible use of the money our donors entrust to us and it would not help our candidates remain housed over the long run. Then, only if they are able to find a rental that fits their income budget will we pay the security deposit directly to the landlord.  We will not pay a security deposit directly to the candidate.


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