You can donate financially or you can donate furniture to have a life-changing impact on the homeless that we house. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, all of your donations are tax deductible.

501(c)(3) Tax ID 46-4900223

Donate Financially

Donate Financially

We pay security deposits to place the homeless into permanent housing and that requires ongoing financial support from generous donors like you. Please consider making a donation in one of the amounts shown below so that we can continue this life-changing work.

Donate by Check

“Off The Streets – Huntington Beach,” 419 Main Street, Suite 49, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Donate Online

Donate Online

Your Donations Have A Lasting Impact

  • $50 covers the cost to deliver furniture to a client
  • $100 buys a kit of essential household and kitchen items
  • $500 places a single person into permanent housing
  • $1,000 places a single Mom and her child
  • $1,500 places a family of 3
  • $2,000 places a family of 4
  • $5,000 places a total of 10 individuals
  • $10,000 places a total of 20 individuals
Donate Furniture

Donate Furniture

Why We Only Accept The Most Essential Items

Because we have a very small warehouse and because our clients move into very small rentals like the one pictured below, we only accept the most essential furniture items such as beds, dressers, small kitchen tables, and couches/loveseats. We also accept a variety of small household goods.

Click the donation buttons below to view the entire list of what we take and don’t take.


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Donate Essential Household Goods With Amazon

Click the button below to directly help our formerly homeless clients with essential household goods. All items are under $50! 
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Watch this video to see why our donors support Off The Streets.

Did You Know

Over 95% of Your Donated Money Goes Directly to Help Our Homeless Clients!

Over 95% of Your Donated Money Goes Directly to Help Our Homeless Clients!

We direct over 95% of your financial donations directly to services for our clients. We are able to do this because we are a 100% volunteer organization and because we continually strive to keep overhead expenses to an absolute minimum. We have no paid staff or office building. Most of our volunteers work out of their own homes. In addition to security deposits our other client related expenses include our warehouse rental and the operating costs for our box truck. Our only expenses that are not directly related to client services are mandatory insurance and general and administrative costs such as information technology, office supplies, and other operating expenses. That means most of your donated money goes directly toward helping the homeless get off the street. If you would like more details on our financial performance please feel free to view our public 990 tax filings.

We House the Homeless for Just Over $500 per Person!

We House the Homeless for Just Over $500 per Person!

It’s hard to believe that in Southern California we have placed over 500 homeless into housing at a cost of just over $500 per person. What’s even more incredible is that this cost includes the security deposit, overhead and insurance, and all the expenses associated with picking up, storing, and delivering furniture and household goods to our clients. This is primarily due to the fact that we are an all-volunteer organization combined with our passion to keep our operations lean and efficient and our overhead very low. For example, one of our earliest placements was a family of 3 where the security deposit was $1,245 or $415 per person. As shown in the table below our placement costs have increased over the years due to our addition of a warehouse and our own box truck, but we believe those costs have leveled out. For those who may question our low costs, we invite you to audit our results if you like by viewing our public 990 tax filings.

Nearly 95% of Our Formerly Homeless Clients Remain Successfully Housed!

Nearl 95% of Our Formerly Homeless Clients Remain Successfully Housed

We track every person after we place them into permanent housing to see if they have remained housed. We contact the landlord both 3 months after placement and again 9 months after placement, with the premise being that if they make it to 9 months they are most likely going to make it through the remainder of their 12 month lease. We have done this for the over 600 people we have placed and the success of our clients remaining housed continues to be nearly 95%. We believe this is a testament to all the due diligence and investment we make in a client to give them the best possible odds with a good financial plan to stay in their new homes.

100% of Your Donated Furniture Goes to Our Formerly Homeless Clients

100% of Your Donated Furniture Goes to Help Our Formerly Homeless Client

Did you know that most charities who accept and pickup your furniture donations sell it to generate revenue for their non profit? We have done extensive research on the charities in Southern California and we are the only charity we have found that will pick up your donations and then turn around and provide those same items to our formerly homeless clients free of charge — and in most cases delivering it right to their new rentals.

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