Jessica and her 2 kids, 2/26/19

Please join us in congratulating Jessica and her 2 kids for ending their homelessness situation. As described in her story below they have been staying in multiple hotels to keep a roof over their heads. When Jessica called we built a budget with her, and when she found a place she could afford, we were happy to pay the security deposit so they could move in. We will soon be providing this family much-needed furniture so they can turn their new rental into a real home.

Dear OTS,

Used to live in Tustin until 2 years ago. Old friend of 7 years convinced us to move to Washington state to “join house cleaning business.” I was to be her trainer recruiter. When I leased up I soon realized she just wanted me to help her clean to cut her days in half. No programs like in California for my son. No one to watch him. Drowned in debt. Trying to get home.

Our original move-in date was the 10th of this month. Moved to the 21st because of excess water damage renovation. Had to wait for housing to do their inspection, on the 20th. Now waiting for previous return deposit to arrive in mail. We are currently using up the remaining amount to go towards the deposit, to buy rooms so we don’t have to sleep in the car. Homeless 24 days.

We had to move out of our previous place the 31st of January, 2019. We have been homeless since then, from February 1st, 2019 until current, (Sunday February 24th, 2019). So for the last 24 days we have had to try to find the “best deals” in hotel rooms, packing up and moving every day or every couple of days. Extended Stay America in Lake Forest, California. Extended Stay America in Anaheim, California. Extended Stay in Newport Beach, California. Rodeway Inn in Buena Park, California. La Quinta Inn in Costa Mesa, California. Key Inn and Suites in Tustin, California. Some of these locations we had to stay more than one night, move to another location, then move back.

Our landlord has approved our tenancy and is now just waiting for us to pay deposit to move in. I previously sent the move in welcome letter. I still have not received our previous rental deposit from previous landlord, and I have had to use all other funds on hotels. We will also need furniture help, living room and sons bedroom.

We are currently homeless. My 11 year old daughter, 10 year old autistic son and I have been living in hotels moving from room to room for the last 24 days. We have stayed in Orange county area hotels. The process has been anything but easy with a disabled child.

Thank You, Jessica

This family brings our placements this year up to 11 and our grand total up 697 since we started OTS back in 2014.

Kathy, 2/23/19

Please join us today in congratulating Kathy for finding a new home after being asked to leave her last apartment. Because of her low income, she asked OTS for help with her initial security deposit, which we were happy to do.

Dearl OTS,

At this time I am living with a friend. It is a temporary agreement until I could find a apartment and he is moving. When he moves if I don’t have an apartment I will be homeless with no place to go or place to stay. He agreed to help me out while I look for and can find an apartment of my own so I could get back on my feet. Prior to that I was living in an apartment and with the problem I was having. My manager gave me a 60 day notice so I could relocate and not lose my section 8. I’ve been staying at my friends while looking for an apartment but have to move out soon.

I am looking for assistance with the security deposit on an apartment that I have been approved for. I am on SSI and don’t have enough money to pay for the security deposit and first month rent to be able to move in to my apartment so I can get back on my feet.

Thank you, Kathy

Kathy is the 8th person we’ve placed this year and th 694th since we started helping the homeless get into permanent housing back in 2014.

Kendra and her 3 kids, 2/21/19

Please join us today in congratulating Kendra and her 3 kids for ending her homeless situation. In fact, we were ready to place Kendra several weeks ago, but that rental fell through, but she persisted and we were finally able to pay her security deposit so she could move in. Now she and her 3 kids have a place they can call their own again. Read Kendra’s story below:

Dear OTS,

I was living in my own home with my 3 children for 3 years before i was asked to move. i was given a 90 day notice due to landlord did not want to renew my lease. I have been homeless since oct 2018. i been looking for a place i found one but due to housing in a different county my price range change and i was unable to get in the unit so then i had to keep looking for a place which cause me to be homeless even longer.

This is the longest i ever been without a place i been staying pillow to post in my car most of the time. It’s been a long journey for me and my kids trying to find a place that accepts housing is very hard. I’ve stayed in my car most of the time i stayed in motels when i can or at friends house for a max of 2 day due to I’m not on the lease. I couldn’t stay didnt wanna get anyone in trouble. I’m tired of this situation it’s truly humbling

I need help with my deposit because I’m a single mother. I have other moving expensive lik paying my first months rent. Also we all need beds pots and pans blankets lamps tv. I had to throw a lot away when we moved so something to get us started, anything will help.

Thank you, Kendra

Kendra and her 3 kids bring our placements this year to 7 and our grand total since we started helping the homeless get housed back in 2014 up to 693. Read more about us at OTSHB.COM.

Brandi and her 2 kids, 2/14/19

Please join us in congratulating Brandi and her 2 kids for ending their homeless situation today. We were happy to help them with the security deposit so they could move into a home of their own. Read their story below:

Dear OTS,

I was living in my own apartment for 1 year in Indio ca . I lived there with my daughter that is in 9 th grade and son that is 9 years old. My lease expired and i had to move out this has been a hard move for us since they have friends and school that they were very happy with very much also.

I became homeless because my last residence did not renew my lease so i had to find another place to live i had 60 days through the section 8 program to find another place to live. I went through several potential places and had to stay with friends and family. I have found a place and with this program i will be able to settle in to my new home with my two children thanks.

I have been homeless now for 4 months now. I moved out of my place on September 30, 2018. I stayed in a motel for 16 days through the homeless voucher that i received from the calworks program. I had to stay at multiple family and friends for the rest of the time. Then through the holidays had to stay in mission valley until January 7 th when the school vacation was over thank you.

I stayed in a motel for 16 days in Indio ca. I then stayed with my daughter boyfriends sisters apartment in Indio ca she was not having her lease renewed either since she was accepted into the section 8 program so had to leave. From there i stayed in mission valley ca with a friend through the holidays until school break was over and then stayed nights at a friend Lorraine until i move.

I need assistance with my deposit due to the fact i had to stay with people for way longer than expected i depleted my money every month from paying storage fees phone bill, laundry and hygiene and money for gas to get around with my things i have no money saved. These moneys were not usual expenses i incur when I’m stable so i need the help to get back into a place thank you

I’m currently staying with a friend at nights in Indio ca the kids go stay after school she had an extra bedroom due to the fact her daughter is only 3 years old and sleeps with her. I have a blow up mattress in the upstairs bedroom and i have been sleeping on the living room couch in the main part of the ay she has been very nice to me too.

Sincerely, Brandi

Brandi and her 2 kids are the first 3 people we’ve placed in 2019 and the 689th since we started OTS back in 2014. Read more about our work of helping the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

Unique and her 3 kids, 11/17/18

Please join us in congratulating Unique and her 3 kids for getting back into a rental of their own. This single mom lost their last rental when the rent was raised and she could no longer afford to live there and pay for her car note and insurance and bills and other necessities such as gas and lights and food. They have stayed with family and in hotels when they had the money to do so. Based on the budget we built with Unique, it was evident she needed a little help with the security deposit because her financial situation didn’t allow her to pay both the security deposit, first month’s rent, and other other move-in expenses. We will soon be helping this family by providing them essential household goods and furniture.

This family brings our placements this year up to 176 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 686. Read more about our work at OTSHB.COM.