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Success Stories

Off the Streets want our supporters to know the amazing impact their support makes on the lives of our clients.  Unfortunately, few of our supports get to see this firsthand so we asked a few of the people we helped over the years give their stories:

LeeAnne’s Story:

OTSBFT recently provided  furniture to LeeAnne, an expecting mother who needed basic furnishings for her home.

[wpvideo NSNuGm9T]


Melissa’s Story:

OTSBFT was in West Haven, CT giving a landlord the security deposit for an apartment for Melissa.  Melissa is a U.S. Veteran who had been housed in  women’s veteran housing in Bridgeport. Melissa needed an apartment near the VA Hospital in West Haven so she could get to her treatments. She was very happy and here is her thank you…

[wpvideo S8Sc5ScA]


Prospect House:

OTSBFT delivered furniture and household goods to five new Prospect House residents in January 2015.  Javier, Steve, Roberta, Nitasha, and Francisco were appreciative and happy to receive the basic, but necessary household items that OTSBFT delivered.  Here are their stories…

[wpvideo qgiaRJGY]