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How OTS Operates

How does Off the Streets Work? 

OTS - Homeless5Off The Streets (OTS)  works with social service agencies to provide security deposits and cover other upfront expenses for those who are homeless because they are unable to do so.  Many of these agencies are limited in what they can do in the way of assistance.  OTS provides a security deposit, which is often the only thing preventing someone from being housed.

Most homeless have very little in the way of possessions.  So when someone is ready to move into a room or apartment OTS provides nonperishable food, linens and bedding,  kitchen supplies and furniture (generally beds, dressers, end tables, table and chairs) to help them settle in to their new home.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The whole process of getting someone Off The Streets can be accomplished in one to two weeks.  There are a number of occasions where transitioning someone from homelessness to a fully furnished apartment is accomplished in a day or two.

OTS - Plea for Help

OTS always tries to understand the homeless’s family situation.   If a homeless person who has not funds to travel, but has family in another locale who are willing to take him/her in Off The Streets will buy a bus, train, or airline ticket to return them home.

What’s OTS’ Success Rate?

Many people ask about our success rate.  How many of the people taken Off The Streets have successfully stayed housed?   We’ve tracked the first 85 people that we’ve placed in housing, and found that 83% are still housedOTS works with high risk chronically homeless people that have tried and failed before, so we don’t anticipate a 100% success rate.   We feel even if we can get one person permanently Off The Streets, it’s worth all our efforts.



Here’s a downloadable copy of our information brochure:

Off the Streets Brochure